Privacy Policy

KM Hair Extension Training will only use information we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). KM Hair Extension Training operates a strict privacy policy concerning all our customers details providing you abide to our terms and conditions. We will never share any financial information gained about you during our business transaction with any other party unless we are required to by law. We collect your financial information to process your booking your financial information is not stored.

Terms and Conditions

When using this website, booking, pre-booking, online booking, telephone booking or attending your course you automatically accept the following terms and conditions set out by KM Hair Extension Training.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

KM Hair Extension Training is fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction in all cases. This is extremely important to us, however if your course does not meet your reasonable expectations, you must let us know within 7 days of attending and we will endeavor to resolve the matter.


We use IP monitoring software for the use and evidence of copyright theft. The copyright of course materials, manuals, website and publications shall always remain the exclusive and sole property of KM Hair Extension Training or, in the case of a course developed by a partner of KM Hair Extension Training shall always remain the organisations property. The customer undertakes that they will not copy or permit the photocopying of course manuals or materials, or disclose or permit disclosure or sale or hire of the same to any third parties, nor use the same for running any such independent or commercial courses in or outside of the UK. By copying any material you are breaking copyright law, KM Hair Extension Training will then commence legal action against you.


Cancellations must be received by email and telephone 14 days or more before the start of the course.  Strictly no refunds of any payments made will be refunded under any circumstances. This includes course deposits, part course fees and full course fees.

Course Deposits

Any deposits paid are non-refundable, however as goodwill any candidates wishing to transfer the training course can do so providing they have given at least 14 days notice by contacting the office by email and a follow up telephone call.

Transferal of Course

Any candidates wishing to transfer to a later course may do so at no extra cost providing they have given at least 14 days notice my email and telephone. If a candidate then cancels a course or does not attend the course on the agreed date, the full course fee is lost.

Last minute bookings

Courses must be booked at least 5 days before the course date – This ensures that your kit is at the training centre. Any bookings made after that date may be refused.

Course Changes

KM Hair Extension Training reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course in exceptional circumstances and will advise the customer immediately should any change be necessary.

Payment Terms

All training must be paid for in advance unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, we reserve the right to share the card processing fee with the customer. Where credit has been agreed to an individual or company, non-payment within 31 days will automatically result in KM Hair Extension Training selling your debt on to a debt collection agency.


Your recognised certification allows you to apply and remove hair extensions in the KM Hair Extension methods you have been taught and assessed on. Your certification is for professional and insurance purposes. This certification is invalid for teaching the KM Hair Extension Training methods to any other person(s) your certification is VOID for course endorsement(s) of any kind by any awarding bodies, no matter what your professional qualifications are. If you wish to teach any of our methods then please contact us for our commercial license fee(s) and written consent that you are legally allowed to teach the method(s).

Training fees

All training fees are strictly non refundable.


All students are required to provide assessments of there work (via website or email), this is for professional and insurance purposes. These must be received electronically.


KM Hair Extension Training dispenses any such claims for misuse of any products. KM Hair Extension Training can not be held responsible for any loss or such damages in the future may that be clients or equipment.

Course Refusal

Should KM Hair Extension Training feel that you should be refused from attending our course for any such reasons, then we have the right to do this.


Any photographs taken during your training day or sent to KM Hair Extension Training, will remain or become the property of KM Hair Extension Training. KM Hair Extension Training reserves the right to use these for marketing and publication purposes, however your / your clients identity will be protected unless you state otherwise. Photographs of student work / assessments may be used of marketing purposes unless you state otherwise.

Hairdressers and none Hairdressers

As with a lot of other hair extension training companies we recognise the demand in hairdressers and none hairdressing candidates who wish to train, however we can not be held responsible for misuse of professional products and professional services to candidates or clients.


It is the candidates own responsibility to gain insurance, we work with insurance companies that we can put you in contact with.


The customer accepts that it is their own responsibility to ensure any course they book or attend is suitable for them and their own needs.


All candidates after leaving the course are required to do at least 20 hours practice. We offer all candidates who have completed a KM Hair Extension Training course free technical support at all times, we also ask that if you are unsure about any aspect of your course or you feel under confident then you must attend your course again free of charge.

Refresher Training

We offer free venue refresher training with the same trainer to all our students for up to six months after there course date. We have the right to authorise a card payment to the value of £50, if you attend your course on the date agreed your £50 authorisation will be unauthorised. If you do not attend your course then the £50 will be deducted. We only have limited spaces for each course and some courses have waiting lists, if you do not attend the course you said you was attending then you have taken a space up on that course.

Trainers / Teachers / Lectures / Assessors / Companies / Organisations or any other person of this type

Any persons as above wishing to attend any of our courses with a view to teaching our methods now or in the future is not permitted to attend without written permission. As part of our business we research and develop methods, meaning all KM Hair Extension Training techniques / courses are unique and are not for marketing your courses. If you already run courses and have booked a course we have the right to refuse you. Your course payment will not be refunded. Should our methods / certain brand names come on the market for teaching by you, without you / company / organisation paying our commercial license fee(s) and our written consent then we will take legal action for copyright theft. Please refer to Certification regarding getting our methods endorsed for your courses. Should you wish to teach any of our methods then please contact us before booking a course for our commercial license fee(s).


All candidates are required accept and abide these terms and conditions set out by KM Hair Extension Training.

Customer service contact information

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or our terms and conditions then please contact us via our contact form on our “Get in touch” page.

Telephone: 020 8144 7965 / 0161 408 5225

Telephone Spain 6645 44739


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